30 Before 30

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Or the Last Fun Things I Will Ever Do Because I Will be OLD in November….

Personally, I prefer 30 before 30—doesn’t make 30 sound so ominous or scary or whatever cultural cache built up around the age of 30 is supposed to be or signify. Age has never really been a big deal, birthdays were about celebrating and receiving gifts or cards or phone calls or witty Facebook wall posts or tweets or clever smoke signals.

But 30 is supposed to be different. Like all of my youth is slowly fleeing once I reach November 5th.

So rather than drink my youth away in glasses of wine and lament my passing into the “old” category. I am celebrating 2011 with 30 new things before I turn 30. The rules are simple and flexible. I will try 30 new experiences, foods, places, ideas before I turn 30. See easy…REALLY EASY! Remember, I will be turning “OLD” soon so if it isn’t easy, then I will never remember to do any of it.

Now, coming up with ideas was a bit more challenging…so I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends. Some of the suggestions were unique and just not in my whole taste…visiting a nudist colony and skinny dipping are just not on my bucket list or any life list of mine. Then getting a tattoo was a possibility, but I’m terrified of needles which doesn’t explain why I took up knitting because it uses needles. I firmly accept my idiosyncrasies. But finding 30 new experiences is proving to be a challenge because: a) I don’t have tons of money to invest in this project ,b) I want to live till I see many birthdays following 30.

Today, I am posting a partial list of the 30 before 30 so that as the year goes on I can add other new brilliant ideas to said list.

  1. Learn to knit—I’m currently practicing my rock star knitting skills by making Barbie blankets
  2. Quit giving a rat’s ass about what people think of me
  3. Read every single book on my 2011 book list
  4. Write my novel…Yes, I will have a draft!
  5. Join and go to the gym—nothing like what TV makes going to the gym look like
  6. Blog EVERYDAY for an entire month—I choose February because it is short.
  7. Throw a themed dinner party on a budget—I have an addiction to creative and cheap parties.
  8. Sell one article to a magazine
  9. Write 30 poems for the blog
  10. Cook a 5 course dinner on a limited budget.
  11. Ride a new roller coaster that I’ve not ridden before this year.
  12. Devote a week to promoting others’ blogs, ideas, articles on my blog, but secretly.
  13. Learn how to drink wine and really understand how they can taste cherries, vanilla, and oak.
  14. Go tubing in the North Carolina mountains—summer trip!
  15. Learn the art of pasta making—could so use the help of any Italians

Question: What things would you add to this list? Have you tried making a list of things to do before a certain age?

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8 Responses to 30 Before 30

  1. Great list! It’s realistic, yet exciting and includes so many meaningful things. I like so many of them, especially #2 and I’d love to help you do #13 :) Winery tours are great … they give papers with info about what you are tasting.

    I’m finding that having goals is the best way to live fully alive. Because then when the mundane of life is overwhelming boring/old/beyond hope/etc … and you have no energy to think, focusing on something on your list can get you through those times.
    Janet Oberholtzer recently posted..Who’s Kind to Hotel Lounge Players

  2. Excellent! As someone preparing to hit the middle of my thirties I’ll say that I don’t really miss my twenties or that youth that supposedly left me. I also don’t feel “invisible” as someone once claimed women over thirty become. I would like to offer a few additional things to consider if you haven’t already.

    *Write something risqué under a pseudonym.
    *Learn how to make sushi.
    *Comment on a completely random blog post by someone else (Maybe a few, actually).
    *Color your hair (that’s completely random, BTW).

    Hope you accomplish many of the items on your 30 Before 30 list, and enjoy being in your own skin no matter what age you are.

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  4. Sure, I could alway use a wine tasting buddy. My husband isn’t into the wine thing so much, but he takes me who adores the fruit of the vine. Plus, we have several local wineries that I haven’t been to or tasted their wares. So, new adventures locally are always best.

    I’ve been weighed down by the mundane, and goals feel like a way to see life more fully than I ever have. Darn it, that it took almost 30 years to understand that.

  5. I like your additions. I think I should learn how to properly eat sushi before attempting to make it–sushi night out? Oh yes, please. I have a box of hair color in my bathroom, but it is a dark auburn so nothing way over the top which I could totally work with for now. Halloween may bring purple streaks.

  6. Great list, Sarah! I made a 31 Things list last year and just started working on my 32 Things. I think these lists help give the year purpose. It’s easier to put things off, even good things, but knowing that it was on the list, pushed me to schedule, attend, do. I look forward to hearing how your list goes!

    Here’s mine: http://hopefulleigh.blogspot.com/p/32-things-before-turning-32.html
    Leigh recently posted..January Somethings

  7. I am slowly finding that having smaller goals has really motivated me to check things off the list. Blogging has also helped because I have y’all who are going to expect to hear about the epic successes and epic fails along the way.

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