Hollywood Has Never Been to the Gym

An Update on 30 Before 30

When I began my 30 Before 30 project, I decided to be an adult and join a gym. Now, I had never set foot in a “real” gym, worked out in a “real” gym, or for that matter cared to do so. Instead, I bought work-out videos, Wii games for working out, even the big exercise balls. Did I ever work out consistently? NO! So, guess what happened? Well, duh, the home exercise stuff got really dusty. For a long time, I was okay doing some exercise here and there—always using something as an excuse.

Until, I had less than a year before 30. The gymphoto © 2007 Chun Kit To | more info (via: Wylio)

I realized I had to get up off my ass and do something.

My first “real” work out was with my wonderfully, adorable, super handsome husband….and some of his co-workers. Now, I expected to work out, listen to my music, and admire the physically fit specimens of huMANity. Well, that didn’t happen.

My only experience with “going to the gym” came from television, the movies. I will let y’all in on a little secret—Hollywood doesn’t have a clue what going to a “real gym” truly is. First, there are all these sweaty, chubby people running in place. I expected to see Johnny Depp and get George from Seinfield. No, eye candy, just sweaty people huffing and puffing. Every gym in the movies or TV is full of beautiful, fit people, but the “real gym” just has sweaty middle age men.

Secondly, Hollywood couldn’t go to a real gym because it takes a PhD in quantum physics to figure out the exercise equipment. Clearly, Paris Hilton would have no clue what to do on normal gym equipment. I’m sure her trainer programs the gym equipment for her. Push Enter, then compute the inverse of the quadric equation while entering your height, weight, and Social Security number. Just in case, the gym needs to update your credit report for overdue gym fees. The prep work leading up to working is more stressful and taxing than working out!

Now, I will admit that going to the gym with a friend and sometimes going with my sweet, lovely, incredibly adorable—please get me something nice for Valentine’s day, dear—husband has been fun and more rewarding than checking out the physically fit.

Although, if Johnny Depp wanted to stop by the gym, I wouldn’t say that I would mind too much….

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3 Responses to Hollywood Has Never Been to the Gym

  1. Love this … and good for you, working on that 30 before 30 list.

    So true that gyms in movies or on TV did not represent real gyms.
    For years when I bought exercise equipment, it ended up being one more place for dust bunnies to gather.
    Janet Oberholtzer recently posted..Thankful Thursday – Post 13

  2. My issue with the at home stuff is I keep seeing the chores that I need to do. At the gym, someone else cleans up, and I appreciate that.

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