10 Reasons a Small Blog is Better


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I’m horrible with dates. While some bloggers can remember their blog’s birthday, I’m not one of those people. But number of posts especially hundreds of posts, that’s something I can wrap my feeble brain around.


This is my 200th blog post!


Yeah, 200 posts is a lot. What’s even more amazing, I kept blogging. So many times, I cried and almost quit because my blog was “small.” Big bloggers garnered all of the social media frenzy, but once the tears dried, I realized being a small blogger has its advantages.


So, without further eloquence….


10 Reasons Being a Small Blogger is WAY Cooler:

  1. Your inbox doesn’t micromanage your life.Better yet, you don’t complain about the inbox. It sits and waits for you when you’re ready. If you want another cup of coffee before email, you drink up.
  2. Trolls haven’t found your blog—YET!Now, this point is one of the great things about being a small blogger—for me at least. You see I can blog about Mark Driscoll’s Facebook post, feminism and the church—and no trolls bother me. They are too busy with larger, more popular blogs to mess with me. A word of caution to trolls: you mess with my blogging friends, you have messed with me. Watch out!
  3. Only your mom, spouse/partner, and maybe a few close friends see your internet goof.Those misspelled words, BAD syntax, even bad information can be forgiven when you are a small blogger.
  4. You become the ninja of awkward blog related conversations. Here’s my case in point:                                          Well-meaning friend: what is it that you DO?    Me: I blog!(to be read in a chirpy, over-caffeinated Minnie Mouse voice)   Well-meaning friend:Oh____(awkward pause) do a lot of people read it?   Me: Just my mom, my husband, and maybe my dog if she could read. Here’s my blog’s URL, you should totally read it.  Well-meaning friend: Wow, the weather sure has been hot lately.
  5. Blogging “breaks” are code words for writer’s block, lack of interest, doing more interesting things—just without so much guilt. My blog equals my writing muse’s schedule.
  6. Happiness comes in small packages—a few well-meaning comments, small stats, but hey, someone’s reading.
  7. While there’s a whole world of “bigger blogs,” there are also libraries. And libraries are happy places.
  8. WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad are created equal.What’s even better, these blogging platforms are free. So, you can voice your opinions without spending money; however, like any good “free thing,” a blog does require time which is so not free.
  9. Your happiest blog moment comes from seeing your blog listed in someone else’s blogroll. Extra Happy Points if she is a small blog too.The same happy feeling comes again when others Like your Facebook page(see the right column, that’s mine—go make me happy, LIKE my blog!), Retweet your blog post, tell you that your writing sparked good conversation. All happy things, warm fuzzies, mood lifting things.


But most importantly,

  1. Your blog is your platform to speak. Speak well, speak often, and speak in love.


Here’s to another 100 posts, more good conversations full of love and grace.

Question: What would be your number 11 to why small blogs are way cooler?


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5 Responses to 10 Reasons a Small Blog is Better

  1. I love that I don’t have to be niche. I think the bigger you become, the more narrow your focus needs to become. Maybe that’s how you BECOME big, but it becomes this self-fulfilling thing that would juts box me in big time.

    Congrats on 200 posts! Here’s to many more!

  2. frogla

    Congratulations on your 200th post! i am so fortunate to be surrounded by ladies like you, alise, Tammy, the Sarah’s, EE etc who continually amaze me with your steadfast determination and your well written interesting blogs! i want you to know that even tho i don’t always comment i am one of your biggest admirers but not in a creepy way. lolz!

  3. I echo what Alise says above. My blog is about so many different things…I have another blog devoted solely to the books I read, but my main blog covers my family, faith, politics, feminism, music, theater, food, you name it. I don’t have to limit my topics to one specific area.

    I would add as #11 that writers of small blogs can write for the pleasure of expressing themselves without feeling they need to cater to a particular audience. And I can be as outspoken as I want to (knowing that my mother-in-law and various relatives are reading my blog, granted), feeling relatively secure that what I say is not going to get tossed into the blogosphere and debated publicly. Or that what I say about the Catholic church will be held against my (Catholic) husband! :)

  4. Congrats on your 200th post!

    Small blogs are awesome because so many of the larger ones seem to be built on controversy or conflict. Small blogs can be content in saying beautiful things in fresh ways without trying to drum up followers like converts.

  5. Love this!

    My #11 is that I don’t “live” online. I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years, yet my blog is one of the small ones. And I don’t mind because I would rather have face-to-face human interaction with my family than spend time tending to my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I value my online community, but I suppose I value more the offline things I have going on.