There Is Grace for School Fundraisers


Mornings sneak up on me. Alarms buzzing, leads to kids whining about school, their breakfast choices, their daily routine before they can be herded out the door to school. Today, amidst the whole morning chaos, the school fundraiser booklet appears on my desk. Standing in her blue denim skirt and purple shirt, she pleads for me to fill out all seven forms.


Not this morning, I can’t fill them out now cause I don’t have time” I say hoping I could fill them out later. Her precious face scrunches up, bursts into the half whining, half crying mode. Somewhere between snotty sniffles and tears, she chokes out how she won’t get a green plastic frog if she doesn’t turn in the forms.


But I want that frog,” she cries. There is really no point in telling her that we can get a similar green frog at the Dollar Tree sans a magazine subscription. The temper tantrum reached its fullest, and I silently prayed for time to speed up so she can go to school. She pouted on the tan sectional sofa and tied to manipulate her brother into buying a magazine so she could get a plastic frog. Again, she failed. Again, the tears started. Again, I prayed long and hard for 7:30am to come.


Why must every fundraiser have some dumb ass prize? She doesn’t need it, and I don’t need the headache. I simply did not have the strength to deal with the tantrum much less hurry to fill out the materials. My body ached from a restless night of sleep. I saw every hour. My head still swimming with work related needs. The last thing, I needed this morning, was to be reminded that didn’t have all the school related stuff together.


But sometimes even amidst the chaos, grace rains down. I drove to work. Over the still waters of the lake, the sun sparkled across the water, and I was perfectly content, happy. Like the embrace of God shone melted the morning’s temper tantrums, I felt deep down the happiness of utter contentment. Quietly, I thanked God for my work, my art making, for this happiness.



By some fluke, my temper tantrum throwing daughter did get a frog. At that moment in the car line, she too was perfectly happy and content.


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5 Responses to There Is Grace for School Fundraisers

  1. Were you in my house this week??? Switch out fundraiser (which we had also) for composition notebook and keep the same level of drama.

    So thankful for the grace that covers me when I say, not so nicely, “Go away! I cannot and will not deal with this right now.” And immeasurably thankful today to know I’m not alone in this struggle.

  2. While I wasn’t at your house, I’m sure the same drama-filled scene played out in my homes. I think one of the blessing of grace is knowing we aren’t alone. Grace gives us a wonderful community to support us. Thank you for sharing today on my blog.

  3. The title says it all! I, too, am trying to teach my own kids what real contentment looks like (with or without green frog), and to have grace for the fundraisers. But yikes, it can be hard!
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy recently posted..Redefining the Accomplished Woman

  4. oh my goodness. last season the fundraiser prize was a glittery microphone. With “fiberoptics” — dad said it’s actually just fishing line. what are schools thinking anyway?

    so glad you had a serene moment later that morning. the hour after they all get on the bus is such a blessing, isn’t it?
    Joy @ Joy In This Journey recently unmasked — grace for the good girl

  5. I know this feeling well — the small glimpses of peace after the storm. It reminds me that someday there will be permanent peace. And it urges me to desire it.