Camping Log Camp Date 03242017

Finally we get to go camping in 2017.  We had a trip planned early but it was supposed that Sunday and I didn’t want to deal with Towing camping in the snow down back country roads.

We went to Sycamore Lodge which is part of Travel Resorts of America.  We have been members since 2007 or maybe 2008.  In that time we have been made many promises but not of them have ever been fulfilled.  Maybe this campground is ran by politicians.  Well they have been calling us for month to get us to come by so they can take new pictures for new membership cards and tell us about new features to our membership.​  I said ok start talking.  They insisted we have to come to their office and try to schedule an appointment.  well they only have times for 10-5.  So this means I have to waste a Saturday and go during the middle of the day. I said ok but I’m not buying anything and if you try to sell me something I’m leaving.

We make plans to camp at the “resort” and then go to this meeting.  We get there and they give us a form to fill out.  We put on there that we aren’t hear to buy anything just get our membership cards.  So the guy starts asking what makes us think he is going to try to sell us something.  I say because if you were not you could have handled this with a phone call but we both had to be in person.

After telling him about all the phony promises we have been made, he made us sign a form saying we are declining to take advantage of the new membership options available to us and they would never be available again.  So finally it came out, they were trying to sell us something.

We will keep using the resort, I mean we can camp there really cheap, it is far enough away to be able to get away and relax without worrying about what is going on in routine life, but close enough we can get there often.

Total Nights in 2017 2
Total Nights in 2016: 14 in Wildcat. Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.​
Total Nights in Wildcat: 16.

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