Camping Log Camp Date 04072017

Sycamore Lodge
Jackson Springs, NC
6 Nights

We took the kids here for their spring break. I was able to work remotely from the campground day which was very enjoyable.  I spent most of the day under the awning in the zero gravity chair working on an e-commerce site. Only issue the Wi-Fi was horrible.  I was tethered to my cell phone using the data from my data plan.   This still made it more enjoyable than driving in to the office.

During this trip I was close enough that I went to two 3d Archery shoots.  Saturday was a qualifier for the state tournament which I won. Sunday was at my club and I finished 4th.  Not a bad weekend.

Total Nights in 2017 8

Total Nights in 2016: 14 in Wildcat. Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.​
Total Nights in Wildcat: 22.

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