Camping Log 05192017

Sycamore Lodge
Jackson Springs, NC
2 Nights


So we had to send the camper in for service.  The ac was acting up.  We got it back and saw they had one spot open for this weekend. Since it is included in our membership we said what the heck let’s go.


Fairly Uneventful camping trip, we just relaxed for the weekend.  I went and won an archery tournament which put me in first place for the state shooter of the year.


Everything went well until we got home.  I went to park the camper like i have done every time.  I guess I got careless and wasn’t paying as much attention but I turned a little too tight and busted the rear window out.  Now I will have a reminder on the truck to tell me to get out and slide the hitch back first.

Total Nights in 2017 15

Total Nights in 2016: 14 in Wildcat. Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.​
Total Nights in Wildcat: 29.

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