Camping Log Camp Date 05292017

Camping Log 05292017
Pirateland Campground
Myrtle Beach SC
2 Nights

We hadn’t been to pirateland in a while and we went back for Memorial Day.  We booked a pull thru site because we knew we would get there late on Friday night and it gets really crowded and tight.

We decided to go back because they have upgraded the pool area with a new splash park and my wife loves the lazy river.  Well went to the pool and there were gnats everywhere.  Flying around, in the water, on the chairs.

We had a great time at the beach.  Still have a hard time finding good seafood in Myrtle Beach but managed to come across Angela’s produce market which has some seafood.  Nowhere near as good as the outer banks.

We were at the very north end of the campground and the beach wasn’t as a crowded as I expected.  However if we looked south it was very crowded.  Thankfully people are lazy and didn’t walk that far north.  If we go back to Myrtle, I’m looking at the state park again.

Total Nights in 2017 17

Total Nights in 2016: 14 in Wildcat. Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.​
Total Nights in Wildcat: 31.

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