Camping Log 06122017

Camping Log 06122017
Camp Hatteras
Waves, NC
7 Nights

We spent a week here and had to keep reminding ourselves that it was June because of how empty the campground was and how cold it was.   Two days we were there a gale force wind was issued.  50 mph wind gusts will rock a camper pretty good.  Towards the end of the week when it warmed up and schools were letting out it started to fill in.

At least the kite boarders enjoyed it.

Other the wind we had a good trip, the temps stayed in the 70s.  On the stormy days we went and toured a couple of light houses that we hadn’t been to before.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Total Nights in 2017 26
Total Nights in 2016: 14 in Wildcat. Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.​
Total Nights in Wildcat: 40.

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