Camping Log 0904017

Labor day weekend at the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

Since our fifth wheel is in the shop waiting on some parts to come in that got damaged and had to be reordered we thought we would try something different.  We made a ferry reservation and packed up the truck with the trusty tent and off to the beach we go.


We got to Cape lookout and started riding down the beach to find a spot to make camp.  We drove about 4 miles from the cabin and found a nice spot that was empty for as far as we could see.

We finally setup camp.  Even though it is cloudy put on sun screen first. Being on an island with no way to hide from sun really stinks when you get sun burned.


Beach Camping Cape Lookout


I even caught my first fish while surf fishing.  A bluefish.  After taking a picture off he went.

Sunrise and sun set were awesome, even if the sun rise did wake me up but being able to take the picture of the sun rise while laying in bed is pretty cool.

We did try to make it to the lighthouse.  However the beach was closed and someone in with a truck camper was stuck up to the fender in a mud hole on the back road and I didn’t want to risk getting stuck.  The week before we went  a really strong storm hit the island and part of it was under water. Picture was taken from much farther away than it looks because of a zoom lens.

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