Backup Lights

Issue, I can’t see behind the camper when backing at night.  So I have been researching how to put backup lights on the camper.   Here is my solution.


After Lots of research I found this light bar on amazon that came with a wireless control for $38.  This means I can control the backup lights from the truck and not have to try to trace down the backup light wire from the 7 pin that is hidden somewhere in the camper.

Next issue was how to mount it.  I didn’t want to drill any holes in the camper yet so my buddy and I came up with plan to mount it.  We welded 1″ square tubing to the factory spare tire mount and then welded a piece of flat bar to it.  I then painted it with a can of spray bed-liner.  We left the extra height on top because I would like to get a rear view camera and that gives me a nice place to mount it.


Mounting it above the tire lets me aim the light down so I hopefully don’t upset too many campers when using the light.

Now I have plenty of light behind the camper to backup.

Finished Product.

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