Camping Log Camp Date 11222016

Red Gate Campground

Savannah, GA

We got an Water and Electric site only. We were all by ourselves beside the clubhouse.

720 miles averaged 9.8

Stayed at 65 on interstate as much as possible.

Total Nights in New Camper 9.
Total Nights in 2016: Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.​

Camping Log Camp Date 11042016

This was our 2nd trip out in our new camper.  Sarah wanted to go camping for her birthday weekend and she picked Jordan Lake again.  This time we stay  in Site 70 of Loop B again.  Unlike the previous week we had a nice level site.  This site is next to the camp host.  It is  a short walk to the shower house or the beach area at the lake.

Total Nights in New Camper 4.

Total Nights in 2016: Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.

Camping Log Camp Date 10282016

This was our first trip in our new camper.  Forest River Wildcat 327RE.  We stayed in Crosswinds Campground loop B site 62 at Jordan Lake State Park.  We went here because it was close to home and we could go home if we had any major issues.

The campsite has a long driveway steep incline  The camper is too long for the site and the auto level system didn’t get it level.  It was only .2 degrees off but I guess that was enough to cause an error.  If we would have put the awning out it would have covered the lantern post and hit the trees.​

Learned an important lesson when dumping.  The thanks aren’t labeled grey and black. I emailed forest river to identity which one is which.  I got this answer.

the termination valves are as in order from left to right. 1- Grey tank (grey handle) 2- black tank (black handle) 3- galley tank (grey handle).


2 Nights in New Camper and Don’t know how many in the old camper this year.

New Camper

We got our camper today and first stop was Ikea.  Why not we drove 2 hours to get the camper might as stop while we were there.  Plus might as well add get to used to pulling this thing in the heavy Charlotte Traffic.

My wife fell in love with this floor plan after seeing in on a different camper.  A keystone cougar that was almost exactly the same layout.  However the camping world of Fayetteville seemed really shady.  They advertised a price that was really attractive. We got down there and they had sold the one on the lot but assured me they could get one for the same  price.  Well when it came time to talk numbers their price was a $1000 more than online, plus $2,500 in dealer fees.  What a rip off.