Day trip 20180244

Today we had 80 degree Sunny day in February so we took the Chevy to levy, umm beach.  We had a picnic lunch. and just relaxed.  The beach is so much nicer when you can find a deserted spot to have just to your self.

Backup Lights

Issue, I can’t see behind the camper when backing at night.  So I have been researching how to put backup lights on the camper.   Here is my solution.


After Lots of research I found this light bar on amazon that came with a wireless control for $38.  This means I can control the backup lights from the truck and not have to try to trace down the backup light wire from the 7 pin that is hidden somewhere in the camper.

Next issue was how to mount it.  I didn’t want to drill any holes in the camper yet so my buddy and I came up with plan to mount it.  We welded 1″ square tubing to the factory spare tire mount and then welded a piece of flat bar to it.  I then painted it with a can of spray bed-liner.  We left the extra height on top because I would like to get a rear view camera and that gives me a nice place to mount it.


Mounting it above the tire lets me aim the light down so I hopefully don’t upset too many campers when using the light.

Now I have plenty of light behind the camper to backup.

Finished Product.

Camping Log 102017

So we had to be back in Greensboro so we found ourselves back at Hagan Stone.  This time the campground was full.  The family at the site next us had parked their camper crooked and I think if I had put my awning out it would have gone over their camper.

Total Nights in 2017 36
Total Nights in 2016: 14 in Wildcat. Who knows didn’t count while in the old one.​
Total Nights in Wildcat: 48.